IFSC Public Statement - Cryptocurrency


Pursuant to its mission to safeguard Belize’s financial system from abuse, Belize’s FIU provides assistance to Financial Institutions, DNFBPs and other reporting entities by issuing advisories on money laundering and terrorist financing risks in jurisdictions who have been identified as non-compliant or not sufficiently compliant with the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) recommendations. These advisories are issued to assist reporting entities in connection with their obligations to pay special attention to business relations and transactions with persons including legal persons and arrangements, from or in jurisdictions that do not have adequate systems in place to prevent or deter money laundering or terrorist financing.


Recent FIU Belize Advisories

FIU Advisory 0004-2018 – High Risk and Other Monitored Jurisdictions Identified by FATF
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FIU Advisory 0002-2017 – CFATF’s Public Statement
FIU Advisory 0001-2017 – CFATF’s List of Jurisdictions with Strategic AMLCFT Deficiencies

Recent Supervisor of Insurance and Private Pensions Advisories

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