Report a Financial Crime

This form has been prepared by the Financial Intelligence Unit and is subject to the Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act, Chapter 104 of the laws of Belize. All information provided is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed in any way unless it is determined that it is suitable for investigations by the appropriate authority. The Financial Intelligence Unit does not guarantee that an arrest or prosecution will be carried out as a result of any suspicious activity reported.

    Suspicious Activity Information Explanation/Description

    Provide below a chronological and complete account of the possible violation of law, including what is unusual, irregular or suspicious about transaction(s) or activity(ies), using the following checklist as you prepare your account.

    • Approximate dates of the transaction(s) or activity(ies).

    • Explain who benefited, financially or otherwise, from the transaction(s) or activity(ies), how much, and how.

    • Any evidence of cover-up or evidence of an attempt to deceive law enforcement authorities.

    • Indicate where the possible transaction(s) or activity(ies) took place.

    • Indicate whether there is any ongoing related litigation; if so, specify.

    • Recommend any further investigation that might assist law enforcement authorities.

    • Indicate whether any information has been excluded from this report; if so, why?

    For reports involving money value, include whether cash and/or monetary instruments were involved. If so, provide the amount,if known, and/or description of the instrument (for example, bank draft, letter of credit, money order, traveler’s checks, wire transfers sent or received, cash, etc.).

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